Gemma G. Bagunu, Qurino L. Asuncion, Rose Mary G. Aquino, Irish F. Ramos Ricmel John M. Ramos and Conrado C. Ngayaan, Jr.


Cagayan Valley, being the second top rice producer of the Philippines is threatened by adverse environments such as saline, submergence, zinc deficient and acidic areas which encompass about 5% of the total rice production. The regions’ poorest rice farmers produce their crop under adverse conditions such as in uplands which reduce yield and income. The area devoted to upland rice in Region 02 is composed of 8,918 hectares covering 47 municipalities which yield more or less one metric ton per hectare. Hence, this study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and economics of gypsum in upland rice production under acidic areas.

The on-station trial conducted at CVRC under upland experimental field revealed comparable effects on the growth and yield of rice with the application of the different treatments evaluated. However, numerically, the application of Recommended Rate Fertilizer based on Soil Analysis (RR) + 300kg/ha Gypsum obtained the highest yield of 3.58 tons/ha.

Results on-farm showed that rice yield significantly increased by 8% (200kg/ha) in the application of RR + 100% P2O5-based on the recommended rate of fertilizers based on soil analysis (RR) followed by the application of RR + 100KG/ha Gypsum with yield advantage of about 100kg/ha (6%). With regards to economic analysis, the highest net benefit of ₱28,650.00 per hectare was obtained in the application of RR + 100kg/ha Gypsum with an MBCR of 2.17. However, the highest marginal cost-benefit ratio (MBCR) of 9.50 was observed in the application of 100 kg/ha Gypsum only followed by the use of 200 kg/ha Gypsum only with 7.38 MBCR.

Keywords: Gypsum Fertilization, Soil Amelioration, Gysum in Rice, Upland Rice Production

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