Chonalyn A. Pascua, Lovelyn A. Gaspar, Jennelyn B. Pagauisan, Jenifer O. Candelaria, Ladyly C. Mariano, Rowena A. Fernandez, Rhea Mae P. Villaspin, Josephine L. Abarra, Cherry Ann D. Mateo and Rose Mary G. Aquino


This study aimed to assess status of RCM adoption, identify adopted recommendations; and compare yield and income of farmers. There were, 2,081 respondents in four (4) provinces surveyed using Farming Monitor questionnaire. Descriptive statistics, Wilcoxon, Paired T-test and Cost and Return Analysis were used in the analysis of results.

There were positive responses in receipt and adoption of RCM recommendation. There was an increasing trend in the adoption of farmers from 60% to 75%. They were partial adoptors. They adopted one to two technologies: timing and number of fertilizer application. During 2016-2017 DS, increase in yield was not significant before and after RCM. However, during 2017 WS, there was a significant increase of 0.291 mt/ha in yield and net income of P1,905.35/ha after RCM use. During 2017-2018 DS, a significant decrease in yield and income were noted due to Rice Black Bug (RBB) infestation.

Level of receiving the one-page RCM recommendation should be strengthened. The AEWs should be capacitated on how to effectively deliver and explain the content of RCM recommendation. The Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Training Institute and Municipal Local Government Units should expand their strategies in delivering RCM to increase adoption.

Keywords:  receipt, adoption, RCM, yield, income

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