To determine the impact and success of the emerging benefits of the subproject, the Department of Agriculture Philippine Rural Development Project Regional Project Coordination Office 2 (DA PRDP RPCO 2), in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya, jointly conducted a Rapid Appraisal of the Emerging Benefits (RAEB) of Mandarin Production and Marketing Enterprise of Malabing Valley Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MVMPC), June 21-22 2022, in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya.

MVMPC received PHP8.2 M, which helped them in marketing Mandarin, particularly the Satsuma and Poncan varieties, through the hauling truck and construction of a trading center.

Bernadette T. Galoso, Asst. PMED Chief and Monitoring and Evaluation Unit head led the team in assessing the benefits for the proponent group (PG). She said that this is significant to know the current standing of the PG and whether or not the DA PRDP paved the way to their goal of achieving a higher income for their cooperative.

Meanwhile, Mr. Daniel Bartong, manager of MVMPC, said this is a much-anticipated endeavor because it is worth noting that for a project to last, it should also be assessed and consider how far the impact is on the intended beneficiaries.

“The DA PRDP’s awarded enterprise through the IREAP and IBUILD components has benefitted the members of this cooperative. While we are in full support of the government’s program, this RAEB is also a good way for us to talk to the project implementer for the feedback of the said assistance,” Bartong ended.

The DA PRDP RPCO 2 administered the tools of RAEB such as Key Informant Interviews (KII), Focused Group Discussions (FGD), Household Interviews (HH), and Spot Interviews. Also in attendance were the DA Regional Field Office 2 personnel, staff, and PPMIU Neuva Vizcaya.