The Santiago Amos Credit Cooperative Development Cooperative (SACDECO) is undergoing a Business Plan Workshop for Tilapia Fingerlings Production Enterprise as identified and prioritized under the Provincial Commodity Investment Plan, March 8-11, 2021, at Sicat Hotel, Calaocan, Santiago City.

Representatives from the Department of Agriculture — Philippine Rural Development Project (DA PRDP) Regional Project Coordination Office 2 collaborated with the Santiago City and Isabela Project Management Implementing Units and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to assist the Proponent Group in the four days workshop.

Nilo Aquino, IREAP Component Business Development officer, said the proposed subproject would undergo a series of consultations and workshops to guide the proponent group.

Joel Reconsal, Santiago City Project Management Implementing Unit Head, said the workshop would help the group add another window to open up opportunities by strengthening the Tilapia Industry in the city. “The interventions from the DA PRDP has been widely felt in Santiago City. There are already completed subprojects under the IREAP and IBUILD,” he said. “On behalf of the Local Government Unit, thank you to the team DA PRDP for assisting us, and a robust collaboration is for sure attained in the coming months.”

Fernando Fajardo, SACDECO chairman, said through the collective effort of its members and the will to participate in another investment opportunity, the SACDECO is optimistic that they will get a green light from the proposed subproject.

“The commendable involvement of everyone from SACDECO proves that this venture will thrive,” Fajardo said. However, Fajardo added that cooperative would undergo a tedious and meticulous process.

The SACDECO has 6 229 members who have been involved in palay and vegetable production, tilapia hatchery, grow-out, and fish processing. (INFO Ace Cagayan Valley)