The Regional Agricultural and Fishery Council (RAFC) of Cagayan Valley pledges its support in the eradication of African Swine Fever (ASF) that affected the livelihoods of hog raisers in the region.

RAFC Chairperson Isidro Acosta Sr. said that the council would work closely with DA and other stakeholders in the successful implementation of the Bantay ASF sa Barangay (BABay ASF).

“We declare our strongest support to reinforce the department in its quest to eradicating ASF in the region,” said Acosta in a joint statement together with its provincial counterparts.

“The council helps DA craft possible policy resolutions and recommendations, participate in data gathering, report backyard slaughtering and unusual or unexplained mortalities, and assist in regular manning ASF and checkpoints.”

Also, it will regularly monitor ASF incidences in affected areas and farm gate price of hogs and retail prices of pork, assist in the validation of a list of traders in the community, discuss ways or possible solutions for the containment of the ASF and conduct hog population survey in the backyard and commercial farms.

“As ASF cases continue to surge in the region, early detection of ASF is a must to at least control the spread and prevent further losses since there are no treatments or vaccines available yet for the disease,” the statement ended.