A new business opportunity has been forged for the corn farmers when one of the known companies in Metro Manila signified their interest to have business ventures in Cagayan Valley.

Last February 25, 2020, Nacho King already purchased 29,990 kilograms of corn to the Diffun Saranay Development Cooperative (DISADECO) of Diffun, Quirino. DISADECO gained additional income with the interventions of this Big Brother-Small Brother Strategy. Ensured income for the cooperative is expected because the next purchase based on their marketing agreement will be on March 26, 2020. This initiative answered one of the 8 Paradigms of the current administration when Nacho King expressed its intention to become an industry partner of the corn producers in Region 2. With the goal of the Department of Agriculture to assist the farmers in increasing their income, the Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD) initiated a Market Linkage with the Corn farmers and the Nacho King. Said Market Linkage conducted on February 12, 2020, at DA-RO2 Multipurpose Cooperative Conference Hall, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

Nacho King is a chain of kiosks that have taken snack lovers by storm and is the leading retailer and wholesaler of nachos in the country. Their stalls found in department stores, supermarkets, and schools. Since the first branch opened in 1995, it has grown up to several hundred outlets nationwide. Today, having become a Filipino household name, they are gearing themselves toward not just rapid expansion in the Philippines (through Franchising) but also in neighboring countries. Being constantly promoted over the years, empowers Nacho King to maintain and expand its popularity throughout the region. Corn is one of its raw materials. Nacho King Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Paul Anthony Gan, and Ma. Elain Albius, Quality Control Officer, acted as Big Brother while the delegation from the corn industry represented by five Corn Cooperatives/ Associations across the region as the small brother.

The corn farmers or agriculture cooperatives and the institutional market or buyer like the Nacho King for corn products is an excellent example of a linkage model of agribusiness enterprise.

This approach connects potential buyers to producers and vice versa.

Corn farmers of the valley are again reaping the benefits of aflatoxin-safe corn and the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices from production to harvesting. These attract processors, entrepreneurs, and eventually big markets to buy farmers’ produce with higher prices compared to the current farm gate price.