Water is one the most important aspect of farming. In many areas in the Cagayan Valley Region, Small Water Impounding System are established to sustain the need of our farmers to better their yield and gain more income.

Today, November 27, the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office No. 02 (DA RFO 02) conducted its first ever Regional Small Water Irrigation System Associations (SWISA) Congress in the City of Ilagan, Isabela participated in by some 750 farmers and members of said associations, stakeholders, and local government units (LGU).

City of Ilagan Mayor Evelyn C. Diaz, welcomed all the participants leaving everyone a remarkable reminder that one should soar high in achieving the set goal for every farmer in the region.

DA RFO 02 Regional Executive Director Narciso Edillo lamented that the aim of this congress as a good avenue to discuss the problem that arises in their respective organizations.

“Based on our study in the DA, problems that most impact your association are siltation, the right of way issues and internal conflicts amongst you”, adding that he has high hopes in arriving solutions to this problem so to bridge the gap in the group.

This year alone, there were 12 sites funded in the region, Edillo said stressing the importance of these projects to prevent soil erosion and climate change mitigation.

Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) Director Angel Enriquez urged the farmers to educate millennials in preserving and conserving the remaining agricultural lands in the country.

“When I came here in Cagayan Valley, I feel that agriculture in this part of the country is truly most alive. You are blessed with natural and agricultural resources and now let us all encourage our youth to do the same thing our ancestors have done in our country”, Enriquez added.

According to her, the Congress is the best time to give out issues and raise concerns to address their gap and differences. “You, in SWISA, play a big role in contributing to the country’s food production and we know that we in BSWM and with our partner agencies help together to develop a more efficient way to attend to your needs”, Enriquez said.

Enriquez also inducted the 2018 Regional SWISA Federation and at the same time awarded a plaque of recognition to 2017 Regional SWISA Nominees.

Cagayan has the total of 256 delegates and 117 SWISA, Isabela has 183 delegates and 80 SWISA, Nueva Vizcaya has 78 delegates and 34 SWISA, and Quirino has 36 delegates and 15 SWISA with a total of 553 delegates from 246 associations.