VISION: Rice Industrialized Region in partnership with stakeholders

1. Rice Industrialized Region
2. Region 02 as the new rice silo of the country

GOAL: To help attain food-secured Philippines by increasing productivity and income and by developing rice-based entrepreneurs in the region

Strategic Objective:

a. Increase Productivity (Ani)

1. To increase average yield per hectare from 4.54 MT/ha to 4.70 MT/Ha in 2021
2. To contribute by at least 2.7M MT to the national production in 2021

b. Increase Income (Kita)

1. Reduce average farm production cost per kilogram from P14.75 to P8.00 (2019-2024)
2. To contribute in the reduction of national postharvest losses from 14% to 12% (2019-2024)