Laboratory Anlysis/ Diagnosis Samples to be submitted Requirement
1. Soil Analysis (Rice, Corn, HVCDP)

a. pH

b. %OM, P, K

c. Secondary Macroelements (Ca, Mg, S)

d. Microelements (Zm, Cu, Mn, Fe)

Soil sample








1 kilo/ha

Dry Soil

Wet Soil



2. Fertilizater Analysis

a. Tatol N, P, K

b. % Moisture




1 liter/ sample

1 kilo/ sample

1 kilo/sample

3. Water Analysis

a. pH

b. %N, P, K

Irrigation water

waste water

ground water

surface water

1 liter/ sample (frozen)
4. Plant Tissue Analysis

a. %OM, P, K

b. Secondary Macroelements (Ca, Mg, S)

c. Microelements (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe)

Leaf sample Atleast 15-20 leaf/ sample




The Cagayan Valley Integrated Agricultural Laboratory (CVIAL) is envisioned to be the center of sterling and globally competitive laboratory services for food safety, increased productivity and agripreneurship, with the mandate of harmonizing provision of laboratory services and products that ensure consumer and environment safety, productivity of soil, crops, and livestock, increased income and improved quality of life of farmers, fishermen, and other stakeholders.

The main function of CVIAL is to provide a modernized and comprehensive agri-laboratory services for quality, food safety, and increased productivity amidst Climate Change. The impacts of CVIAL’s services are increased production, high quality products, ensured bio-safety and bio-security and increased product consumer’s acceptability. Strengthening of the CVIAL’s capabilities is therefore very essential to respond to the challenges of the time.  This also means the strengthening and enforcement of the collection of fees for services rendered to all clients. We have been mandated by the Central Office ever since to collect fees for laboratory tests and legal basis are available. Hence, all the four laboratories under CVIAL are to collect fees starting July 1, 2018.



  1. Clients will be classified according to:
  2. Students conducting undergraduate thesis – 50% discount.
  3. Masteral students will pay in full.
  4. Indigent farmers will not pay as long as they will present a certification of indigency duly signed by their barangay officials. They should present this document upon receipt of the laboratory result of their samples.
  5. Animal Raisers/Ranchers/Farm owners will pay in full, however they have the option to provide their test kits for requested tests and will not pay.
  6. Students and other clients requesting for visits and conduct of their thesis shall submit a request letter addressed to the Regional Executive Director attention to the Integrated Laboratory Division Chief. The letter should be duly signed by their Dean and adviser and submit 2 weeks before the conduct of their thesis or visits. They shall also fill up the Facility Access Form one week prior to the conduct of their requests. (see attached)
  7. Students requesting for the conduct of their undergraduate or masteral thesis shall be required to do their laboratory work and not the laboratory staff to perform for them. The laboratory staff will only supervise.
  8. They are required to bring their own laboratory gowns and other things needed in the conduct of their thesis and shall replace any glass wares and other laboratory materials that they will break or destroy.
  9. They shall follow all the Good Laboratory Practices required in the lab. (no cell phones, no drinks and food, no application of cosmetics, etc.) – see attached.
  10. Students who conducted their thesis shall give a file copy of their manuscript to CVIAL.


Test Parameter Method Fee
1. Soil Sample
pH Potentiometric 100
Organic Carbon Walkey & Black Spectrophotometric 250
Available Phosphorous Olsen’s Method 250
Available Potassium Cold Sulfuric Extraction 250
Available Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese DTPA Extraction 160/ element
2. Water Sample
pH Potentiometric 100
N Steam Distillation 300
P Vanadomolybdate 160
K Flame Atomic Emission 160
3. Plant Tissue Sample
Total N Steam Distillation 250
Total P Perchloric Acid 300
Total K Perchloric Acid 250
Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn Perchloric Acid 160/ element
4. Fertilizer Sample
Total N Kjeldahl Jaudber-Gunning 300
Total P Vanadomolybdate 300
Total K Flame Atomic Emission 250
Total Cu, Zn, Mn and Fe Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometeric 160/ element



1 Proceed to the Information Desk/ Receiving Area Lab. Personnel will record necessary information on the logbook 10 mins Laboratory Aide
Inspection of samples Lab. Personnel will inspect if the samples are fit for analysis.

If YES, samples will be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

If NO, non-conforming samples are handled accordingly.

5 mins Laboratory Aide
2 For Analysis: Fill-up and submit request forms Lab Personnel will issue claim stub to client and assign Laboratory number. 5 mins Laboratory Aide
For Laboratory Products: Fill-up Requisition and Issue Slip (RIS) Prepare laboratory product requested 15 mins Laboratory Aide
3 Send sample for analysis Samples will be sent to the concerned laboratory for analysis 5 mins Laboratory Aide
4 Conduct Analysis Samples will be analyzed as per request of client 7 days Laboratory Analyst
5 Encoding of result, interpretation and recommendation. Results will be encoded in the 7 days Laboratory Analyst
6 Review and Approval of report of analysis and recommendation Report of analysis and recommendation will be reviewed by Laboratory Chief, which will be released upon the approval of the Chief Agriculturist 10 mins Lab. Cgief/ Chief Agriculturist
7 Release of Report of Analysis to Clients Original copy of the DA-RFO2-ILD-FORM 06 Report of Analysis will be release and claim by the client.

Client signs in the release logbook and fills up DA-RFO2-ILD-FORM 10 Client Satisfaction Feedback Form.

10 mins Laboratory Aide