Are you having trouble having a checkup of your lands? Or do you want to know the proper waist for the ‘ land and crops? Don’t worry, that’s the mobile soils laboratory (Msl) of the department of farming here in the region dos!

Correct! A great news for all farmers here in cagayan valley because the conventional laboratory in just one facility gets to the rural areas!

It has been proven by the regional soils laboratory (RSL) of the department of farming in the region dos in the tour of their group in the town of Gonzaga, Cagayan in response to the request of Mayor Marilyn Pentecost in the service of msl yesterday, February 20, 2019.

According to miss fevie Rica Ancheta, Chief, regional feed laboratory (RFL) and the new OIC OIC OF RSL is umaarangkada to be in remote areas in response to the requests of municipal agriculturists in different municipalities here in the region dos.

It said that msl is very important because it has great help with farmers by analisa the soils sample to learn its lack of nutrition of their land. According to him, ” the farmers don’t need to go to cvial because the real and honest service will be near for them to have their land checkup.”

She added that msl contains machinery or laboratory equipment that can be able to analysis organic matter, phosphorus, potassium and ph level of the earth. Based on the results of the land analysis, it can be compute and immediately issued “fertilizer recommendation” to the farmers, Ancheta’s explanation.

Meanwhile, ancheta emphasized that although there are ” concentrated chemicals ” used to review the land submitted to know the rest of its elements do not worry because the right ” waste disposal ” is being determined by the temporary placing of the waste in a ” Secured Garbage Bin ” while doing the ” waste water treatment plant ” behind the office office at carig, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

Municipal Agriculturist Ferdinand Baclig and the farmers who are having a great gratitude are mr. Mario Baclig of brgy. Flourishing, Gonzaga, Cagayan, Mrs. Francisca Rimalos and Mr. Chito Umayam of brgy. Tapel, Gonzaga, Cagayan because it has been great to help their land in increasing their production.
In an interview with Mr. Mario Baclig, he narrated the beautiful causes of the land of analysis,
” since I had to leave my ground, my harvest increased 30-40 %.”

Mrs. proved it. Rimalos the previous statement that was before only reaping 90-100 Cavan of rice, but due to a analysis, the harvest increased and dropped their production expenses.
” the land test is a great help to farmers, besides the harvest is good, the earth is also returned to the old zeal.

According to Mr. Umayam, ” I learned that my land is acidic because of applying the abonong inappropriate, so i thank you so much for the service of the msl of da-Rfo 02, based on their recommendation, I learned that I need to apply Of ” Lime ” and organic fertilizer on my ground “. she added, because of following the fertilizer recommendation of da-Msl, her harvest increased from 135 to 170 cavans.
When interested in msl service, da-Rfo 02 advises the public that only wrote to regional Executive Director Narciso a. Edillo. Msl is scheduled to travel in the town of aparri, Cagayan; Cauayan City and Alicia, Isabela; Quirino Province and nueva vizcaya this coming month of March and April to the present person.